South Point

College of Pharmacy, Sonipat

Approved by PCI, New Delhi | Affiliated to Pandit BD Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak.

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Herbal Garden

Herbal Garden

South Point College of Pharmacy, Murthal, has the privilege of maintaining a herbal garden within the campus with more than 80 species of important medicinal and aromatic plants. The garden is attached with the Pharmacy Building and its main purpose is to carry out experimental work. It serves an important tool for teaching and research, to preserve and promote the medicinal values of the plants which grow mostly wild, in our surrounding and whose properties are beneficial in maintaining a balance between man and nature. Provision for aquatic plants is maintained exclusively in the garden. Provision of plants under the shade is available in the garden. The herbal garden generally consists of specimen, shade plant, creeping plants and all the herbs which have medicinal and aromatic properties. It also maintains a greenhouse to cultivate subtropical and tropical medicinal plants.


  • Medicinal plants cultivation and preservation.
  • Supply medicinal plants for research purposes.
  • Educate local community people on medicinal plants.